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Petition in Supreme Court seeks to quash Aadhaar ordinance

In a petition filed in the Supreme Court, the petitioner has sought quashing of the Aadhaar ordinance.

The petitioner has cited the grounds that it was brought by the central government bypassing the democratic process and in violation of the constitutional scheme.

The petition was filed by lawyer Reepak Kansal who claimed that the Aadhaar and Others Laws (Amendment) Ordinance, 2019 was promulgated by the government in a “hurry” to “overturn” the verdict of the apex court on the issue of the universal identification card.

The Supreme Court in its judgement on September 26 last year had held Aadhaar to be constitutionally valid.

However, it had struck down a few sections of the Aadhaar Act and Regulations and gave several other directions in the interest of protecting the fundamental rights to privacy.

The Union Cabinet had approved the ordinance last month to enable the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) to have a more robust mechanism to serve public interest and restrain the misuse of Aadhaar.

The petition claimed that there was no extraordinary situation for such a law without the approval of Parliament.

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