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Petrol & Diesel Prices Today

Petrol, diesel price in metropolitan cities today

Petrol price, is Rs 82.26 per litre in Delhi and Rs 87.73 in Mumbai today. Diesel costs Rs 74.35 per litre (increased by Rs 0.24 per litre) in Delhi and Rs 77.93 (increased by Rs 0.25 per litre) in Mumbai.

In Kolkata, petrol price is Rs 84.09 per litre and diesel Rs 75.96.

In Chennai, Petrol and disel Rs 85.50 per litre and Rs 78.35 respectively. Petrol to costs Rs 82.91 per litre and diesel Rs 74.49 in Bengaluru.

Petrol prices were revised daily in India with effect from June 15, 2017. This was a marked departure from the earlier practice of revising petrol prices every fortnight.

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