Pilot Run to test CG SKY Project

eKYC Registration Process planned at Darri, Dhamtari

Sanchar Kranti Yojana in Chhattisgarh is the world’s largest such programme for distribution of smartphones and for augmenting the telecom network.

SKY aims to bridge the digital divide between rural and urban parts of the state by improving the mobile penetration even in the most remote areas of the Chhattisgarh.

Under this scheme, over 50 lakh smartphones will be distributed to rural households and urban poor households. This scheme is also the single largest ever activity to drive gender empowerment as the beneficiary in each household is the female of the household.

CHiPS, the nodal agency for IT in Chhattisgarh, has been working on this complex project along with the Panchayat and Rural Development Department and the Urban Administration and Development Department for months as every individual household and every beneficiary within each household had to be clearly identified.

Separately, it has been working with the selected agencies to ensure that the 4G telecom network reaches hitherto network-dark villages in time and that phones reach every remote village as per a planned schedule for the final distribution of smartphones.

On the date of the distribution in each village and urban ward, eKYC process will need to be completed as per the guidelines of DoT before the SIM is activated. While, the actual SKY smartphone distribution is planned from August, CHiPS is organizing a dry run of the distribution processes in one village on 12th June, 2018.

The objective is to test the systems and processes thoroughly and fine-tune the processes. Darri village in Dhamtari District, located at a distance of approximately 50 km from Raipur, having a beneficiary count of over 300, has been identified as the test village for this dry run.

The test run will test all processes up to eKYC registration process of listed beneficiaries. However, the phones will be distributed to these beneficiaries in Darri only in August when the actual phone distribution begins.

Doing a pilot run or a dry run is a best practice followed in the corporate world globally and is a proactive measure by CHiPS to do a ground level check and will go a long way in making the implementation of this complex project smooth.

The process of form filling is ongoing at the moment across the State. A centralised Call Centre is available for answering queries of beneficiaries.

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