PM Modi launches ‘Main Bhi Chowkidar hoon’ campaign, for parl poll

With voting schedule now declared, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday started ‘Main Bhi Chowkidar hoon’ narrative.

This was new political slogan of the BJP, apparently countering opposition’s repeated attacks of the “Chowkidar chor hai” jibe.


PM Modi in a tweet said that he is not the only person serving the nation and every person who does serve the nation is a ‘chowkidar’.

Re-defining the word Chowkidar, the PM said,”Everyone who is fighting corruption, dirt, social evils is a Chowkidar. Everyone working hard for the progress of India is a Chowkidar. Today, every Indian is saying-#MainBhiChowkidar,” wrote the PM.

The PM has often addressed himself as a ‘chowkidar’ of nation, a reference to underline the role of a PM in safeguarding country’s interests.

Meanwhile, the opposition has often criticised the rhetoric, accusing the government of alleged corruption in Rafale deal etc.

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