PM Modi returns Delhi after three nations visit to Portugal, US and Netherlands

Prime Minister Narendra Modi returned home a short while ago from Amsterdam after a four day three nation visit to Portugal, United States and The Netherlands. During his visit, India signed eleven MoUs for cooperation with Portugal and three with the Netherlands.

In USA, Modi and President Donald Trump comprehensively reviewed bilateral relations and laid down the future road map.

As per information received, Prime Minister’s visit focused primarily on four broad areas: one, furthering India’s strategic interests, two- projection of India as a country with fast track reforms coupled with high economic growth making it a strong opportunity for investment; third- seek collaborations in areas like skill development, knowledge based society and frontier areas of science and technology and four- reviving bonds with Indian Diaspora and seek their contribution for the development of India of their dreams.

The first ever Modi Trump meeting reaffirmed close Indo-US relations with President Trump reiterating himself a true friend of India.

India not only received full support in its fight on terrorism from the three countries but the US went a step further by calling Pakistan to put an end to terror.

The visits saw increasing convergence of views between India and the three countries on major international issues.

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