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PM Modi says Indian judiciary always interpreted Constitution positively to strengthen it further

The Prime Minister said that Rule of Law has been the basis of Indian culture and values for centuries and it is the root of good governance.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that Indian judiciary has always interpreted the Constitution positively and creatively to strengthen it further and fulfilled its responsibilities very well by putting national interest on the top.

Addressing the Diamond Jubilee function of Gujarat High Court through video conference today, he said the judiciary always performed its duty, be it safeguarding the rights of people of the country or when any situation arose where national interest needed to be prioritized.

The Prime Minister said that Rule of Law has been the basis of Indian culture and values for centuries and it is the root of good governance. Mr. Modi said that this had given the moral strength to our freedom fighters during India’s freedom struggle. The origin of ‘Swarajya’ lies there and it strengthened India’s freedom struggle. He said Constitution makers also gave Rule of Law priority and the Preamble of Indian Constitution also expressed the essence of resolution of the rule of law.

Judiciary and Government

PM Modi said this notion of law, which has been a significant part of Indian values, is every citizen’s right and it is the responsibility of Judiciary and Government to establish a world class judicial system. He said that the faith in judiciary has given the strength to the common people to fight for the truth.

The Prime Minister lauded the Supreme Court for hearing the most number of cases through video conferencing in the world. High Courts and District Courts also carried out a large number of e-proceedings during COVID, Mr. Modi added.

The Prime Minister congratulated the Gujarat High Court for initiating the live proceedings and open courts for the service of common people during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Prime Minister also released a commemorative postage stamp on Diamond Jubilee of the High Court of Gujarat on the occasion.

Speaking on this occasion, the Union Minister for Law & Justice, Ravishankar Prasad said that the Gujarat High Court has always set the high standards in the Indian judiciary. The Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani in his address said that the state government has allocated 1680 crore rupees for the judiciary. He congratulated the Gujarat High Court for adopting new technology.

Judges of the Supreme Court and High Court of Gujarat and members of the law fraternity of Gujarat were also present during the event.


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