PM to lay foundation stone for Bundelkhand Expressway

launch 10,000 FPOs in UP today

Chitrakoot (Uttar Pradesh): Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch 10,000 Farmers Producer Organisations (FPOs) all over the country in Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh here on Saturday.

Nearly 86 per cent of farmers are small and marginal with average land holdings in the country being less than 1.1 hectares.

These small, marginal and landless farmers face tremendous challenges during agriculture production phase such as for access to technology, quality seed, fertilizers and pesticides including requisite finances. FPOs help in the collectivisation of such small, marginal and landless farmers in order to give them the collective strength to deal with such issues, read a statement.

Members of the FPO will manage their activities together in the organization to get better access to technology, input, finance and market for faster enhancement of their income.

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