PM’s gesture for an IAF guard wins hearts

The searing and humid heat of Delhi tells upon the steels of a gurd

PM Narendra Modi inquired after the well being of an IAF guard who fell down after a heat stroke at a ceremonial reception of Seychelles President Danny Faure at Rashtrapati Bhavan earlier on Monday.

This nice jesture for the IAF guard was even noticed by the Seychelles President. Sources, present at the venue, told pressmen that the IAF guard felt dizziness before falling down on the ground.

The searing and humid heat of Delhi took a toll on an IAF guard on Monday when he collapsed during a ceremonial welcome for Seychelles President Danny Faure.

The Seychelles President received a ceremonial welcome and a Guard of Honour at the Rashtrapati Bhavan under a scorching sun. Standing smart and in attention, the IAF guards were at their best despite the rather oppressive weather conditions. One of them though collapsed – reportedly due to a heat stroke.

PM Narendra Modi, who welcomed Faure along with President Ram Nath Kovind, returned after the ceremony to inquire about the health of the guard in a gesture that is likely to be widely applauded.

Delhi has been witnessing scorching temperatures in recent days with the mercury three to five degrees above what is normal around this time of the year.

The MeT department has predicted the heat to last for most parts of the week with monsoon only expected on or after June 29.

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