Police arrest two accused of raping five girls

Presenting skits against Patthalgadi Movement Said to be the main cause of crime


Police have arrested two people accused of raping five young girls in Khoonti, Jharkhand, under section 164 of Indian Penal Code (IPC) .

This shameful and most ignominious crime was executed by the accused. Additional Director General of Police (ADG)-operations, Jharkhand, told pressmen on Saturday that this heinous crime against women had been committed at the instigation of the second senior most leader of Patthalgadi movement in Jharkhand.

<>pPolice identified the senior leader as John Junas Tindu. The two arrested accused have been named as Ajoob Sandi Poorty and Ashish Longo.

Police have sent them behind the bars. Another accused Father Alfonse Aind too has been lodged in jail in this case. Fr. Alfonse is accused of destroying evidences of the crime and misleading police with wrong statements.

ADG RK Mullick told pressmen that the crime was executed to avenge the girls working against Patthalgadi movement. He claimed that extremists of PLFI, too, wee involved in the incident. He further informed that the arrested accused Ajoob Sandi and Ashish are inhabitants of Ladauli Badgaon and Budamkel in Singhbhoom West district.

Mullick said that the team of girls was taken to Kochang by Aasha Kiran organization. The girls had performed skits and representative art forms to make people reject the Patthalgadi movement. Tindu was present during the staging of their program. Later, he told PLFI and Patthalgadi supporters that the girls were against the movement.

He instigated six young people of the village to inflict intense punishment on the girls.

Mullick told the press that after talking with Tindu, six young people went asking for the five girls. They led the team of five girls under lame excuses to the forest of Chhotauli, where all of them were raped.

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