Police arrests married woman; in connecting with missing baby

The incident is said to be of February 23

Delhi police have arrested a married woman on suspicion that she may have thrown her 25 day old baby girl in garbage dump in East Delhi.

The woman has been identified as Neha.

The incident is said to be of February 23.

The issue came to light after the family failed to locate the 25-day-child and filed a missing complaint with the police on Friday.

On the complaint, the Delhi police soon pressed into action.

Neha became the prime suspect in the case after a witness confessed to seeing the infant’s mother throw something in the garbage dump.

Police grilled Neha on which she said that she was tired of hearing the wailing sound of the baby as it frustrated her.

Then she decided to come up with a plan, that to dump the infant in the garbage.

The accused also revealed the location where she had dumped the infant.

A police team rushed to the spot and found the infant baby girl alive and rushed her to the LBS hospital.

She however died in another hospital.

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