Police bring out the truth, Maoist Sukhram was felled not by bullets

Thunderbolt killed Naxalite, who carried a price of 9 lakh on his head


A known Maoist, carrying a price tag of Rs. 9 lakhs on his head was killed and four of his associates were injured when they were struck by a thunderbolt.

Police claimed today that all the dead and injured people were holed out at a forest near Mnakapal village, situated in Gadiras police station limits.

Police have identified the killed Maoist operative by the name of Sukhram. He is told to be the in-charge of Dandakaranya farmers and labourers association.

Sukhram is also said to have been involved with outlawed Naxalite organisations. Sukhram was discharging his duties as the member of Darbha division of the outlawed organization.

Danetewada police, after coming in for a sharp criticism for killing Maoists intead of arresting and putting them to questioning, clarified on Monday that Sukhram was not killed during an encounter with security forces and none of his comrades were injured in any exchange of fire. Instead, and actually, they had been struck by a thunderbolt on the night of June 21st.

>p? He carried a price of Rs. 8 lakh on his head. Naxal organizations and their sympathizers had been criticizing police for indiscriminate killing of people in the area.

Police officials clarified today that it was not at all an encounter that claimed Sukhram. He was killed and his associates injured as they were struck by thunderstorm on the night of June 21st.

Police also claimed to have gathered all informations regarding the ongoing treatment of the four Maoist cadres who were injured in the incident.

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