Police force to get one day weekly holiday

Zero tolerance towards criminal activities CM Shri Kamal Nath issues instructions to police officials

Chief Minister Kamal Nath has said that arrangement should be made for weekly holiday in the police force. Keep zero tolerance towards any type of criminal and illegal activities.

A strategy with a holistic approach should be made to put a stop on road accidents. A sensitive approach must be adopted in work to control crimes against women.

In a discussion with officials in Police Headquarters, Shri Nath said that the Police force is the basis of good governance. The image of the state depends on the Police administration. Principal Secretary Home Shri Malay Shrivastava, Director General of Police Shri Rishi Kumar Shukla and other senior police officers were present on the occasion.

Chief Minister Shri Nath issued instructions to make arrangements for weekly holiday for the police force. He said that the technical resources in police administration should be modernised. Provision should be made for compensation in emergency situations for the police force if their leave is unused. Expressing concern on the road accidents, he said that coordinated efforts must be made on road planning and preventive measures.

The Chief Minister said that the Police are the parameter of the image of the state. It is essential that the morale of the members of the force is high.

The outlook should be of conserving the diverse culture and forms of the state and the country. He said that the Police are the protectors of the society.

Police will have to pay special attention on making preparations according to the future techniques and social challenges. He laid emphasis on the need to remove drug addiction among the young generation from the roots.

Director General of Police Shri Shukla gave details of law and order system in the state. In addition to this, he also gave information about the efforts made for internal security challenges and control. Earlier the officials introduced themselves to the Chief Minister.

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