Police nabs young man for raping, killing aged woman

In a gruesome and totally outrageous crime, a 24-year-old man raped and killed a 70-year-old lady in Villupuram district of Thiruvennainallur.

Local police have arrested the culprit and filed case against him.

It is said that the victim was living alone in Alankuppam.

Police added that her daughter lived near her house with her husband and two sons.

As the victim’s brother-in-law stepped out of his house on the night of the crime, he returned to notice that the victim’s house was left unlocked with the main door swung wide open.

He suspected foul play and went inside her home, only to find the elderly woman’s naked corpse.

The couple immediately complained about this brutal incident to the Thiruvennainallur police station.

Police later concluded that the victim was brutally raped by somebody and was killed by strangulation. Also, the criminal had robbed her jewels.

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