Police seize liquor bottles from actor Ramya Krishnan’s Car

Tamil Nadu Police has recovered about 100 bottles of liquor from the car of actor Ramya Krishnan

Actress Ramya Krishnan’s driver was arrested on Thursday night after the Police seized 2 crates of beer and liquor bottles the actress car.

Reportedly,the police were checking all the vehicles coming from Mahabalipuram. When they stopped Ramya’s Toyota Innova car at the Muthukadu check post on the East Coast Road and asked for checking, she agreed.

Police then confiscating the liquor bottles and arrested her driver Selvakumar. The Police found nearly 100 bottles in the car.

Chennai hasn’t opened TASMAC shops yet and selling or transporting of liquor in the city is illegal and against the rules of lockdown. According to media reports,driver Selvakumar has been let off on personal bail.

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