Political parties unite in wake of Pulwama terror attacks, heres more

In face of Pulwama terror attack, political parties on Saturday put up a united face.

The all party meet convened by the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh expressed India’s determination to fight terrorism following the Pulwama
terror attack.

The parties underlined their solidarity with security forces for defending the country’s unity and integrity.

A meeting of all political parties, including the BJP and the Congress, passed a resolution condemning the terror attack and support being given to it from across the border.

The resolution did not name Pakistan but asserted that India has been facing the menace of the cross-border terrorism which of late, it added, is being actively encouraged by forces from the neighbouring country.

“India has displayed both firmness and resilience in dealing with these challenges. The entire nation speaks in one voice to express its determination to fight these challenges.

Today, we stand united in solidarity with our security forces in fighting terrorism and in defending the unity and integrity of India,” it said.

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