Political stalwarts lose ‘followers’ in Twitter cleanup

The number of PM Modi's followers went down to 43.1 million from 43.4 million

In a massive development, as the micro blogging site Twitter carried out cleanup of inactive and locked accounts, many of the political leaders of India lost their ‘followers’ in massive numbers.

Amongst those included were Prime Minister Narendra Modi who lost nearly 300,000 followers.

Again, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi is also said to have lost out on nearly 17,000 followers.

The number of PM Modi’s followers went down to 43.1 million from 43.4 million.

It is also said in different social media trackers that PM Modi’s personal Twitter handle (@narendramodi) lost 2,84,746 followers.

Again, the official PMO handle (@PMOIndia) too lost close to 140,635 followers.

The micro-blogging platform was yet to come up with an official statement on this.

Twitter earlier this week announced it will remove locked accounts — which are disabled owing to suspicious activity — from follower counts across profiles globally.

The move is likely to affect high-profile users the most.

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