Pollution in Raipur city cross dangerous level to compared with Delhi

Raipur: On the second day of Diwali, the country’s capital city Diwali was in news as it turned out to be most polluted among all cities. But if the figures of capital city of Raipur are to be compared with Delhi, then it has left even Delhi behind. In the pollution control meter installed outside Collectorate in capital city by CECB, on the day of Diwali at 10:20 was showing the PM 2.5 level at 570 and PM-10 was showing at 735.

Whereas as per Pollution Control Board website, the Delhi’s Anand Vihar Colony was showing PMP 2.5 at 495 and PM 10 at 500 at around 10:00 pm. But on Tuesday morning the meter near the Collectorate in capital city was reading PM 2.5 at 248 and PMP 10 at 454. It is notable here that last year CECB has made tall claims that due to hard work by the department the PM 2.5 level was just 28 and PM 10 was at 44 during Diwali 2018.

If one talks about the reading of Particular Matter ( PM) 2.5 in city’s Shankar Nagar at 10:00 am, then the reaching of PM 2.5 near Vidya Nursing Home at 10:22 it was 475 and PM 10 was 548. The same figures last year were PM 2.5 at 508 and PM 10 at 589. How dangerous are these figures It is worthwhile to mention here that as per the standards laid down for healthy air, the PM 2.5 average should not cross above 40 annually and PM 10 should not cross above 60 annually. But due to sheer negligence on part of denizens and awareness about likely pollution, we are inhaling about 13 times more polluted air in heart of

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