Baghdad ‘astonished’ by report of Iran moving missiles to Iraq

Pompeo renewed US support for a strong, stable and prosperous Iraq


Iraq’s Foreign Ministry said it was "astonished" by a report that Iran had moved ballistic missiles to armed groups in Iraq.

"The ministry confirms that all Iraqi state institutions are committed to Article 7 of the Constitution, which states that Iraqi territory should not be used as a base or passage for any operation targeting the security of any other state," the ministry said in a statement.

Western media reported earlier that Iran had given ballistic missiles to allied Shiite militias in Iraq and was developing the capacity to build more there.

The statement also came a day after U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a phone call with Iraqi Prime Minister Hadier al-Abadi.

According to a brief statement by Abadi’s office, Pompeo renewed his country’s support for a strong, stable and prosperous Iraq in accordance with the Strategic Framework Agreement which was signed (in 2008) by the two countries.

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