Post firing incident in anti-Sterlite protests, DMK invokes ‘Jallianwalla Bagh’ massacre in comparison

The Tamil Nadu government is facing criticism for the police action on anti-Sterlite protesters that cost 10 lives

A fuming DMK took to social media to vent out its anger after the firing incident in the anti-Sterlite protests that claimed ten lives.

Now in opposition, the DMK compared the incident to the 1919 Jallianwalla Bagh massacre, in which British soldiers opened fire on crowds at a public meeting.

“Who ordered police firing on protesters,” questioned DMK leader MK Stalin, targeting the AIADMK government of E Palaniswami.

It need be mentioned that Palaniswami had to order a judicial inquiry into the violence in Tuticorin amid massive political backlash due to firing incident.

The protesters were demanding the permanent closure of a copper smelting plant that has been accused of polluting the area. The police claimed they had opened fire after the mob went on rampage. Chief Minister Palaniswami called it a case of “unavoidable circumstances” where the police had to act to protect lives and public property.

Calling Tamil Nadu a “fascist regime” and a “police state”, DMK leader Sarvanan said, “A recent survey shows that maximum protests happen in TN. That’s because of the inefficiency of the government. This is a Jallianwallah Bagh type of massacre. The government should pack up and go”.

In a series of tweets this morning, DMK chief MK Stalin raised a number of questions, including who had ordered the police firing on protestors.

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