Posters surface claiming Raipur Municipal Commissioner gone ‘missing’!!!

Posters pasted as part of protest

Posters claiming that Raipur Municipal Commissioner Rajat Bansal has gone missing surfaced in the Raipur Municipal Corporation on Saturday.

The poster pasted read, ‘Dear Commissioner, Plz return. People are afflicted of jaundice and some have even lost their lives to the affliction. You must return. Rest Assured none will say anything to you regarding your absence’.

It later dawned on the people that the posters are form of protest from social activist Kunal Shukla who blamed the Raipur Commissioner for continuing on his Taiwan tour even when the city is so much affected from jaundice ailment.

The Taiwan tour of Raipur Commissioner is said to be on the topic of smart city.

Kunal Shukla said that the with the rising instances of jaundice, the Raipur Commissioner should have returned back to his duties.

It need be mentioned that a team assigned from Chhattisgarh High Court carried out inspections of the affected area in Raipur.

Shukla alleges that despite such gravity of the problem, the Commissioner has not bothered to return to his post.

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