Power generation in Kudankulam nuclear power plant touched 18,000 million units till now

In Tamil Nadu, power generation in Kudankulam nuclear power plant has touched almost 18,000 million units till now. Kudankulam Nuclear Training centre Senior Manager Devaprakash said, more than half of the power generated has been distributed to Tamil Nadu.

As per reports, Nuclear power generation in Kudankulam will help to attain the target of giving electricity to all villages.

More than 14 thousand 148 units of electricity have been generated from the first unit till now.

The second unit attained criticality in July last year and till now 3760 million units have been generated. The pour of concrete for third and fourth units in Kudankulam was conducted yesterday signifying the start of construction works.

Nuclear Power Corporation CMD S K Sharma, Executive Director R S Sundar, Site Director S V Jinna were present on the occasion. The third unit is expected to start power generation by 2023 and fourth unit by 2024.

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