Powerful explosion in central Paris bakery, heres what happened

A suspected gas leak is said to be behind a powerful explosion that destroyed a bakery in central Paris on Saturday morning.

The mishap led to injuries to several people and also blew out dozens of nearby windows.

Close to 200 firefighters were rushed in to douse the fire that broke out after the blast.

Police closed off streets in front of Opera theatre as emergency services landed two helicopters in the street, apparently to evacuate victims.

The blast occurred shortly after 9 am (0800 GMT), and was heard by residents and workers several blocks away.

Rescuers eventually used a ladder to evacuate the family, who lived on the first floor.

Police sources said firefighters had already been responding to an alert of a gas leak at the site when the explosion occurred.

Cars were overturned by the blast and glass and rubble was strewn across large swathes of the street, as fire trucks and police continued to race toward the scene more than an hour later.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe also arrived on the scene to survey the damage.

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