Prasunna Parekh claims Three Gold Medals

Veteran Amdavadi paddler sweeps 40+ Women’s event with three gold; Gujarat finish with 15 medals at the Veteran TT event in Jaipur

Jaipur : Prasunna Parekh was easily the best paddler at the 25th Veterans National Table Tennis Championships at the SMS Indoor Stadium in Jaipur. Competing in the 40+ Women’s category, the Ahmedabad-based veteran paddler featured in three events and bagged three gold medals in Singles, Doubles and Team Championship.

Gujarat returned with 15 medals, including four gold medals. The fourth Gold medal was won by Nazmi Khinkhabwala of Surat in the 70+ Men’s singles.

In the 40+ women’s it was Prasunna Parekh all the way. In the singles final, she faced Rajani Gupta of Punjab. Both the players share won alternate games taking the match into the decider. It was battle of nerves, but Prasunna, who comes from table tennis family, her brother Gaurav Doshi won bronze in 40+ men’s doubles, showed her class with 11-7, 9-11, 11-9, 12-14, 13-11 victory.

Earlier she had teamed up with Sonal Joshi to win the 40+ Women’s doubles title. Prasunna and Sonal were part of 40+ Team event where Gujarat triumphed at the Karnataka’s expense.

Surat-based veteran player Nazmi Khinkhabwala contributed fourth gold for Gujarat. Known for his coaching manual, Khinkhabwala defeated Ramesh P. Malvia of Madhya Pradesh in straight games 11-6, 13-11, 11-8 to win the 70+ Men’s Singles title.

The only silver came in from of Jyotsna Joshi in 60+ Women’s section. She went down to Mangala Saraf in the final -11 6-11 5-11. Bronze Medals were won by Sikandar Jam and Sonal Joshi in 40+ Mix Doubles, Nazmi Khinkhabwala and Mehrunnisa Bhaiji in 65+ Mix Doubles, Sikandar Jam and Gaurav Doshi 40+ Mens Doubles, Yogesh Jani and Rasik Dave 70+ Mens Doubles, Natvarlal Vora in 80+ Mens Singles, Kokilaben Ghia in 70+ Womens Singles, 60+ Men’s Team, 65+ Men’s Team, 70+ Men’s Team and 50+ Women’s Team

Gujarat State Table Tennis Association President Shri Vipul Mittra, IAS and Chairman, Shri Milind Torawane, IAS congratulated all the medal winners.

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