Preparations begin for Giraudpuri grand fair, Minister chairs review meet

This year, grand fair will be organized from March 11 to March 13, at the sacred land of Baba Guru Ghasidas, Founder of Satnam Panth, Great Saint and Social Reformer.

In this three-day fair, followers of Satnam Panth and devotees gather in Giraudpuri from across the country and abroad.

For successfully holding the event, Shri Vijay Guru chaired a meeting of Mela Vikas Samiti today at District Office conference hall.

PHE Minister Mr. Guru Rudra Kumar was especially present in the meeting.

Keeping in view the massive crowd expected at the fair, all kinds of responsibility have been allotted to the officials to ensure proper arrangements for convenience of the visitors.

District Collector Shri Kartekiya Goyal assured that all the administrative arrangements will be done before time as per the decisions of the committee and as per the prestige of Giraudpuri Dham.

Members of Raj Rajeshwari Kaushal Mata and members of Mela Vikas Samiti and District-level Senior Officers were also present in this meeting.

To look after management and coordination of the event, SDM Kasdol Mr. Prakash Rajput has been appointed as In-charge Officer of the event.

Allotment of Rs 50 lakh has been demanded from State Government for all kinds of arrangement to be done at the fair. Event venue will have proper drinking water and bio-toilet arrangements.

Electricity arrangements will be rechecked. Electricity Department has been directed to recheck electricity arrangements at the event venue. Health Department will make proper arrangements for looking after health and safety of the visitors.

Ambulance and 108 ambulance facility will be made available along with three primary sub-health centres and mobile units. Anti-rabies, anti-venom and life-saving medicines along with male and female doctors will be made available round the clock. Helipad has been made for arrival of VIPs.

1400 security personnel will be appointed to ensure peace and smooth traffic movement. Employees of urban bodies will look after cleanliness arrangements.

They will render services at Giraudpuri from March 8 to March 14. Fire brigade will also be appointed to prevent fire mishaps. Sale and consumption of pan, bidi, cigarette and alcohol at the fair venue will be banned.

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