President Kovind visits Organic Agro field in Hiranaar and Kadaknath hub

spoke to members of the Women's Self-Help Groups and enquired regarding rearing of Kadaknath hens and their incomes

President Mr. Ramnath Kovind today visited Integrated Agriculture model at the Phoolsundari Organic Agriculture Field at Hiranaar. He also visited Kadaknath Hub.

He spoke to members of the Women’s Self-Help Groups and enquired regarding rearing of Kadaknath hens and their incomes.

President also met two farmers Mr.Bomdaram Kashyap and Rajesh Kashyap who rear cows. President’s wife Mrs. Savita Kovind, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh, Tribal Development Minister Mr. Kedar Kashyap and Chief Secretary Mr. Ajay Singh were also present at the Phoolsundari Organic Agriculture Field.

President Mr. Ramnath Kovind spoke to two women poultry farmers-Mrs. Aasmati arya and Bharati Lekhmi-and enquired about the incomes and other members of the women’s self-help groups.

Mrs. Aasmati Arya informed the President that they had earned around Rs 1.40 lakh from Kadaknath hens during the past ten months. There are 11 members in the group. Each member received Rs Seven thousand. Rest of the amount will be invested in expanding business.

President enquired with cow farmer Mr. Kashyap regarding his family’s financial condition and his children. He said he had four school-going children.

He is rearing cows for the past six months at the Organic Agriculture field. He gets about 30 litres of milk from ‘Gir’ and ‘Saahipaal’ species of five cows. His financial status is increasing at a brisk pace.

Mr. Kovind also visited the organic products stall. The officers explained in details regarding the several organic products including varieties of honey produced in the district.

President Mr. Ramnath Kovind also spoke to 300 women self-help groups’ members of the National Rural Livelihood Mission’ Vihaan’. He told the members to give importance to the children’s education.

If the families are smaller then they will be provided with better facilities and education. Mr. Kovind agreed to gift a large size L.E.D. television on the request of women members.

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