President of Afghanistan refuses to talk to Pak PM

New Delhi. Due to the promotion of terrorism, Pakistan has to face embarrassment on international forums. This time Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani embarrassed Pakistan. After the attack on Kabul, they refused to talk to the Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahid Khakon Abbasi on the telephone. Abbasi called Ghani for his condolences on the terrorist attack in Kabul.

Earlier, Ashraf Ghani sent a delegation to Islamabad to share the evidence related to the recent attacks in Kabul with the Pakistani army. Pakistan has long been supporting terrorist organizations that have attacked Afghanistan.

It is known that more than 100 people were killed in the attack in Kabul. In August last year, US President Donald Trump had made many tough decisions against Pakistan. Trump had accused Pakistan of using double standards in the fight against terrorism in its first tweet this year.

This visit of Afghan delegation is being done after the recent attacks in Kabul. About 100 people were killed in these attacks. The responsibility was taken by the terrorist organization Taliban and the IS. Apart from this, the US had strongly condemned Pakistan over the recent Taliban assault on the Inter-Continental Hotel in Kabul.


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