Prime Minister lauds digital skill of Madhya Pradesh’s Aaganwadi worker

Minister Smt. Chitnis describes state’s aaganwadi workers as digital friendly

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi while holding conversation with the aaganwadi and Asha workers under the National Nutrition Month lauded the digital skill of aaganwadi worker Phoolkali Prajapti of Panna district.

Shri Modi said that questions are raised in the Lok Sabha in connection to use of mobile in remote rural areas and the concept of Digital India.

But the aaganwadi and Asha workers of Panna district have proved that Panna district is actually like a diamond in the country.

It may be mentioned that the aaganwadi worker Phoolkali Prajapati of Lohar village-Gunnor block of Panna
district, while holding direct conversation with the Prime Minister, expressed gratitude towards him for providing a mobile and said that work has become easy after obtaining the common application software.

Earlier 11 registers had to be filled; now we record children’s weight and height on mobile easily. It has become easy to apprise people about the nutrition through video with clarity.

The PM Shri Modi in context to this conversation said that our sisters have shown a way to make the new generation well nourished by using digital technology through efficient use of mobile phones.

He mentioned that use of smart phone for nutrition and health at the far place like Panna is a symbol of success of the Digital India campaign.

The Minister for Women and Child Development Smt. Archana Chitnis said that as a result of the potential for successful use of mobile app in the aaganwadi workers, 40 percent entries are being recorded in the National Nutrition Month from Madhya Pradesh.

The aaganwadi workers of the state are digital friendly. Smt. Chitnis along with the aaganwadi workers watched the address of the Prime Minister and also addressed the aaganwadi and Asha workers present on the occasion.

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