Private vehicles could be taken off Delhi roads, heres why

This comes amid extremely dire situation of air quality in Delhi

The situation in national capital Delhi has gone so bad now that the measures now being contemplated includes taking off the private cars altogether from Delhi roads.

It was said by a senior environmental officer that the use of private vehicles may be stopped in Delhi if air pollution gets worse.

This comes amid extremely dire situation of air quality in Delhi.

Toxic smog has started to envelope vast swathes of the northern part of the country including Delhi.

The concern was that this will get worse as winter approaches and farmers burn off the residue of crops.

The EPCA, appointed by the Supreme Court, has already proposed halting construction, the use of diesel-run power generators, brick kilns and the burning of garbage between November 1 and November 10 when pollution levels are expected to rise.

Data from the Central Pollution Control Board showed the air quality index, which measures the concentration of poisonous particulate matter, hit 469 in parts of Delhi on Tuesday, up from 299.4 a week ago.

Defending the government, Environment Minister Harsh Vardhan said his ministry and the state governments of Punjab and Haryana have tried to reduce stubble burning.

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