Priyanka Chopra Opts to Leave ‘Bharat’

Salman Khan vows to NEVER work with Priyanka Chopra again, insider reveals how the friendship is OVER

Priyanka Chopra opts to leave ‘Bharat’ has baffled one and all. While the actress was too excited to come on board with Salman after a gap of so many years, her decision to quit has saddened us and we bet the actor isn’t impressed either.

While Salman’s professional relationship with PeeCee has always been a bumpy ride, this latest update is only going to make it bitter and not better.

Now we all know how particular Salman is with his movies and the cast he works with. After Priyanka’s decision to bid adieu, he’s only going to get furious with her.

Though the actress shares a great bond with his younger sister, Arpita Khan Sharma, we doubt if even that’s going to survive after this recent turn of events.

Priyanka and Salman’s bumpy friendship started way back when the star wanted Katrina to replace Priyanka in one of their movies, but the latter refused to budge.

They were cordial on the sets of Mujhse Shaadi Karogi but their friendship went kaput in 2007 after the whole replacing incident. Post this, the stars weren’t on talking terms and Priyanka even refused to star in Sohail Khan’s Main Aur Mrs. Khanna.

However, things were finally working in their favour when she decided to let bygones be bygones. Arpita was tagged as the icebreaker between this duo when she convinced Salman to ask Priyanka to star in Bharat. While fans were elated with this news, seems like their happiness was short lived.

After Priyanka’s shocking decision, we don’t think anything can help her strengthen the bond with the entire Khan family. Since the movie was produced by Alvira and Atul Agnihotri, Priyanka has messed up her relationship with them completely and we wonder if she even thought about it.

While Salman is not really known for his forgiving behavior, we don’t think anyone can demand him to be in this case. It’s high time PeeCee realises that her professional and personal relationship with Salman Khan is now OVER and there’s nothing she can do to amend it.

In fact, an insider has revealed to us that Salman has vowed to never work with Priyanka again. Phew, in this case we would say, she had it coming.

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