Priyanka Chopra Poses for a Selfie in Ireland

Priyanka Chopra is currently in Ireland shooting for the last three episodes of season 3 of Quantico.

Priyanka Chopra recently left India and headed to Ireland to shoot for the last three episodes of season 3 of her American TV Show, Quantico.

The cast is shooting in Dublin and a lucky fan got to meet Priyanka and took to Twitter to share a selfie with her. Priyanka kept it comfy in a coffee brown sweater which she paired with a brown trench coat while squared sunglasses and a camouflage snapback completed the look.

Check the picture out:

Quantico will have only 13 episodes in season 3 as opposed to season 1 and 2 which had 22 episodes each. Season 3 of Quantico will begin airing from April 27, 2018.

Besides Quantico, Priyanka has two Hollywood movies in the lineup one is A Kid Like Jake which also stars Jim Parsons, Claire Danes and Octavia Spencer. The movie premiered at the Sundance Festival and received good reviews. The second is Isn’t It Romantic? which also stars Rebel Wilson, Adam Devine and Liam Hemsworth.

Recently, in an interview with an international magazine, Priyanka spoke about feminism and answered why there is no word like ‘manism’. “Why is there a word called feminism? Why is there no manism? Because men have never needed it. Because for hundreds and hundreds of years, women have been told what we should dress like, what jobs are good for us, what we can do, what a good girl is,” she said.

“Feminism is women standing up for themselves and saying ‘Give me the freedom to make my own choices without judging me.’ It is not superiority. It is not hating or berating men. It is just saying, ‘Let me make my decisions without shaming me or trolling me. Give me those opportunities that men have enjoyed for such a long time,'” the actor added.

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