Priyanka Chopra’s film on stray dogs

Priyanka Chopra’s film on stray dogs

Priyanka Chopra is planning to make a children’s film on stray dogs and has approached many leading actresses for a small role.Several actors have pet dogs and cats at their home and talk about their unconditional love for them on social media pages.

Recently, a big animal lover, Priyanka Chopra revealed that she is keen on making a film for children based on stray dogs. For the project, she wanted a leading Bollywood beauty for just about five to six scenes. PeeCee also said that she approached several heroines but their demands shocked her. She added that none of the leading actresses was showing interest in doing the film for just limited scenes.

When another animal lover, Anushka Sharma was asked if she was approached for the film, she replied to a leading daily, “It’s great that Priyanka’s doing a film like that. I don’t know who she has approached and I have never been offered that film. Whoever it is, I hope it gets made and also finds the right audience for it.”

She further added, “I do films for creative satisfaction. My love for animals is a separate thing altogether. I will keep doing my share for that because I am extremely passionate about it.

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