Prominent BJP leaders attended high profile Tibetan event in McLeodganj

earlier advisory to‘stay away’ from such functions caused massive debate

Despite earlier speculations that central government has advised political and other prominent figures from staying away from the Dalai Lama functions in a bid to improve relations with China, it now emerged that prominent BJP leaders did attend ‘Thank You India’ programme organised by the Tibetan Government in Exile at McLeodganj on Saturday.

Prominent amongst those who attended included Union Minister Mahesh Sharma, BJP general secretary Ram Madhav, Kangra, party MP Shanta Kumar and Himachal Pradesh minister Kishan Kapoor attended the event along with Tibet’s spiritual leader The Dalai Lama.

The earlier advisory to‘stay away’ from such functions caused massive debate in the country.

But it was on Saturday that amidst hundreds of Tibetans gathered at main Tibetan Monastery of McLeodganj, they cheered the arrival of BJP leaders along with The Dalai Lama at the venue.

The presence of BJP big wigs at Tibetan event has come as a goodwill gesture for the Tibetans living in exile in India.

BJP leader Shanta Kumar said that Tibet and India may have remained two separate nations but their soul is one.

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