Protection of the skin from getting sun burnt

Protecting just your face and neck against the harmful UV rays of the sun is not sufficient anymore. As they are not covered most of the time by clothes or footwear, they are exposed to UVA and UVB rays of the sun which leads to the creation of more melanin hence making the skin darker. Besides this, dark skin tone can also be owed to the excessive pollution and dirt. Primarily, the set of suggestions by people will include wearing a scarf, taking an umbrella, covering oneself from head to heels in the scorching heat of the sun, just making matters worse in the heat.

1. Raw milk

One of the most useful remedy for removing dead skin and dirt, raw milk is the first thing you must use to lighten dark hands and feet. As it is lactic in nature, it easily exfoliates dead cells from your skin and penetrates into the pores and cleans it from within. It also acts as a bleaching agent, lightening the colour of hands and feet and softening the finger joints.

2. Gram flour pack

Two tablespoons of gram flour, one teaspoon of turmeric and two tablespoons of milk and just a few drops of lemon juice, prepare a nice thick pack. It is known as Ubtan in Hindi and this pack good enough to remove tanning from your skin effectively. Use a moisturizer after cleaning this pack as it may cause dryness.

3. Lemons

Rich source of Vitamin C and a good bleaching agent, lemon is a very useful remedy for cleaning and lightening skin tone. Take half a lemon with some sugar on it, scrub it on your hands and feet, leave it on for 10 minutes and then wash it off. Apply a moisturizer after this to avoid dryness. Repeat this once a week to see results.

4. Aloe vera

While talking about home remedies for fair hands and feet, aloe vera can’t be missed out. From the plant itself, extract one leaf and remove all the gel from it, now apply this gel on your hands and feet. Leave it on for 10 minutes and wash off. Do this twice a day to see the results. It can also be combined with almond oil for the same purpose.

5. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are not just bleaching agents, but also reduce the sensitivity of your skin to UV damage. Tomato juice or half a tomato can be scrubbed over the affected area and washed after a couple of minutes for the desired result. 2 to 3 minutes of application would suffice.

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