PUBG is officially banned in schools

Gujarat's State Commission for Protection of Child Rights

Gujarat is now officially the first state in India where the popular mobile game PUBG has been banned from primary schools. The state’s primary education department has issued a circular that directs primary schools to ensure that a ban has been implemented on PUBG.

The circular directs District Primary Education Officers to ensure necessary steps have been taken in order to ban the game completely in primary schools. The official reason behind the ban is stated as adverse effects of the game on the young minds.

Since the game rocketed into fame last year, PUBG has been often seen as one of the most addictive games. The mobile version, called PUBG MOBILE, has been downloaded by millions on smartphones and tablets.

The immense popularity of the game has led the developers and several event organizers to hold esports tournaments involving the game. The game even got selected as the best game on Android for 2018 while the PC version was elected as one of the top grossing titles on Steam.

However, the popularity of the game has seen adverse effects on its players, especially the youngsters.

Youngsters have been found to be addicted to the game vastly, leading to poor academic performance. Some cases have even led to lethal outcomes for players, with many of them traumatized badly.

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