Public Hearing Of Korba BALCO Plant Put On Hold

Korba district administration has put public hearing of environment related issues which are being linked with Bharat Aluminium Company’s plans for extension of its aluminium smelter plant. This public hearing was proposed to take place on 7 June.

However, a wary BALCO management petitioned district administration not to hold it right now.

It’s a widely circulating belief among the locals that BALCO management was too afraid of such a development in the aftermath of Tuticorin’s Sterlite Copper smelting plant incident.

People of this Tamilnadu district had staged protests against the so-called polluting plant.

However, they hd to take bullets fired by the police on the 100th day of protest. 13 deaths later, the state government decided to lock the plant up only for a limited period of time.
It’s claimed due to good reason that Korba BALCO plant managers could not afford to run into another bad weather in Chhattisgarh.

So, the management urged district administration to put the proposed public hearing on hold and administration proved to be only too happy to oblige the company.

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