Madhya Pradesh

Public will sense that government is for their service, said CM Kamal Nath

Time-bound work plan to be made for implementation of manifesto

Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath has said that negligence and slackness in governance will not be tolerated. The government will have zero tolerance towards such an attitude.

The public will sense that the government is for its service. Shri Nath was addressing a joint meeting of the Council of Ministers and officials here today at the Mantralaya. Chief Secretary Shri B.P. Singh was also present on the occasion.  

Chief Minister Shri Nath instructed that the work of the public should be done without any procrastination. Regular routine work should be carried out as the system and rules. Only those topics which are not in regular system should be brought before the Chief Minister.

He said that the responsibility of the department will lie with the departmental minister. The responsibility of operating the administrative systems will not be of the Chief Minister’s Secretariat but it will be of the concerned department.

Shri Kamal Nath said that the responsibility of implementing all the points of the manifesto will be of the concerned department.

The department should make a time-bound action plan for its implementation. He told the officials and ministers to look at the system with a new perspective.

Change is necessary for innovation. Try to implement them. Changes in only rules and regulations will not be sufficient. Shri Nath said that departmental meetings will also be held shortly after the meeting of the Council of Ministers.

With this all the ministers will be familiarized with the functioning of departments. The Chief Minister said that the first meeting will be held with the Energy Department. This will be followed by a meeting of the Agriculture Department. Soon, the timetable of meetings of other departments will be issued.

Chief Secretary Shri B.P. Singh informed that the format of action has been prepared by concerned departments in accordance with the manifesto. The guidance of the departmental minister will be obtained and presented. He assured the Chief Minister that the state has a team of qualified and hard working officials who are capable of completing their work within the stipulated time.

At the outset of the meeting, all the officials introduced themselves. Principal Secretaries, Secretaries and Departmental Heads of all the departments were present at the meeting.

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