Puducherry Health Minister Cleans Toilet In COVID-19 Ward

During his inspection of the COVID wards, Malladi Krishna Rao received complaints of unclean toilets

Puducherry Health Minister Malladi Krishna Rao on Saturday cleaned a toilet in a COVID-19 ward at the Indira Gandhi Government Medical College and Hospital after patients complained that it was not maintained well.

During his inspection of COVID-19 wards at the hospital, the minister received complaints of unclean toilets.Immediately he asked for a cleaning brush and liquid, went inside the toilet and started cleaning it himself.

Though the toilets are cleaned three times a day, with 75 patients in a ward, maintenance becomes difficult as there is a shortage of sanitary personnel. Hence he advised the young patients to maintain the toilets after use so that they remain clean.

The government has moved to engage 458 health workers on a contract basis which include doctors, nurses,sanitary workers and other categories of staff.By next weekend,the government hopes to have the manpower in place,said the health minister.

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