Punjab Finance Minister inaugurates 25th Punjabi Parvasi Divas

A nation is not defined by geography and topography but by the character of the people. Punjab has such great characters who gave supreme sacrifice for their motherland. Land of this country is so fertile and it gave birth to brave sons who choose death over injustice.

These were the words of the Punjab Finance Minister Mr. Manpreet Singh Badal who was the chief guest of the 25th Punjabi Parvasi Divas at Hotel Taj here on Saturday.

The event was organised by International Chamber For Service Industry (ICSI) in collaboration with the Punjab Government. Mr Badal inaugurated the event and also released the vision document of the ICSI. In the vision document, ICSI underlined the need to develope service sector in the state to further improve financial health and attract more investments.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Badal said that over the centuries we had sent the finest sons to fought for the nation. The Punjabis are defiant and can not be subdued they are brave sons of motherland who strive and fought for independence. He said that we have sacrificed a generation of young men to overthrow the foreign rulers .

He assured on the behalf of Punjab Government that Punjab will rise and prosper. I also urge you all to contribute in making the new Punjab. He said that its need of hour for the Punjabi Diaspora to come forward to serve their motherland and society.

It is matter of fact that Punjab is substantially contributing in the National Food Kitty since the post independence era, the Minister added.

Expressing hope that India will be the next superpower, Mr Badal said I will surely witness it in my lifetime. Being Punjabi by heart I earnestly wish to see the younger generations of Punjabis live prosperous and healthy life and we all have to pay back to serve our motherland to secure best life for Punjabi Youth.

Mr. Badal admitted that Punjab was lagging behind in the service sector and he assured that now the Punjab Government is focusing on this sector to bring more investment and tourism inflow in the state .

Prominent among others presented in the event were Addition Chief Secretary (Home) Mr. N.S. Kalsi, Principal Secretary (NRI Affairs) Mr. S. R. Ladhar, ADGP (NRI Wing) Mr. Ishwar Singh, Punjab Health System Corporation Chairman Mr Amardeep Singh cheema, ICSI DG Dr. Gulshan Sharma and ICSI Bangkok (Thailand) President Mr. Paul Narula.

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