Punjab Minister assures phased infra revamping, this is what he said

Laying the foundation stone of High Level Bridge (HLB) over Siswan River crossing on Sohali-Naglian road, Mr. Vijay Inder Singla PWD Minister, Punjab assured that the entire road infrastructre in the State would be revamped in a phased manner.

He said that 108.75 mtr long HLB on Siswan River Crossing will be ready to use within 9 months. He informed that Rs. 615 Lac would be spent on this NABARD Project and added that it would render huge relief to 25-30 villages falling in Ghar Area.

Singla said that people require to pass Kurali on way to Kharar but the said HLB would facilitate their travel and they would reach Kharar directly, skipping Kurali, saving time and money.

Detailing more on cards for Kharar Constituency he said that repair of 9.85 km Majri-Khijrabad-Bindrakh road is being undertaken at cost of Rs. 5 Crore, rendering huge relief to people of 20 villages who access this road to reach PGI, Chandigarh.

Besides, 145 link roads and Phirnis (Circular Roads) amounting to nearly 255.21 km are to be repaired in Kharar Constituency at a cost of Rs. 42 Crore. Infact, a special campaign would be initiated to repair the Phirnis of all the villages in the area.

He also informed that within a period of 4-5 months, PC would be laid on Sohali to Naglian-Kadimajra-Siswan Road, Sohali to Tiur, Sohali to Jhingran-Kurali,

Sohali-Saahpur-Ghatour-Sahoran, Sohali to Naglian-Khairpur-Shekhpur-till Kurali Siswan Road and Sohali to Naglian-Phatwan-Chakoran-Takipur-Kansala.

Later, the Minister inaugurated a park at village Bhagu Majra.

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