Punjab Minister Chaudhary writes to Union Minister Gadkari, on this issue

Social Security, Women & Child Development and Transport Minister, Punjab, Mrs. Aruna Chaudhary has written a letter to the Union Minister of Road Transport & Hughways and Shipping Mr. Nitin Gadkari for the construction of a permanent high level bridge at village Makaura Pattan in Gurdaspur so as to help the border area develop at a rapid pace by having better connectivity.

Terming the project as the absolute necessity for uplifting the economy of Gurdaspur and Majha region, Mrs. Chaudhary, who is also MLA from Dinanagar in Gurdaspur, in her communication detailed that there is a temporary pontoon bridge at Makaura Pattan which is laid every year over river Ravi after monsoon rains.

There are 7 villages across the river which are not connected with an all weather road and the bridge is dismantled every year before rainy season with people using boats to cross the river.

Mrs. Chaudhary further pointed out that the local residents face a lot of trouble for doing their daily chores. The students have schools and
colleges on other side of the river, Farmers are unable to bring their produce from their fields to market as well as sugar mills leading to huge losses of financial nature.

The medical aid also is unable to reach the people in crunch situations.

Mrs. Chaudhary said that keeping in view the above considerations, the need of this bridge is immense and also expressed strong hope that the Union Minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari would take a sympathetic view of the situation and bestow this gift to the inhabitants of border areas.

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