Purohit warns against bid to ‘overawe’ governer house

Governor asserts his constitutional position firmly


Pressurising the governer house of Tamil Nadu will not yield any result. It could prove to be counter productive too. TN Governor Banwarilal Purohit’s office on Sunday warned that those who try to overawe the Governor will be dealt with sternly as per law.

In a statement issued here, the Raj Bhavan said the Governor would continue his visits to districts in the coming months and the Office of Governor was protected under Section 124 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Any attempt to overawe or assault or use criminal force would be dealt with as per the law, it said.

“Whoever, with the intention of inducing or compelling the President of India, or the Governor of any State, to exercise or refrain from exercising in any manner any of the lawful powers of such President or Governor, assaults or wrongfully restrains, or attempts wrongfully to restrain, or overawes, by means of criminal force or the show of criminal force, or attempts so to overawe, such President or Governor, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to seven years, and shall also be liable to fine,” the Raj Bhavan statement said.

Referring to a news item that DMK leader M.K. Stalin sought to lay siege to the area around Raj Bhavan to protest against the district visits of Purohit, the statement categorically said that “the Governor enjoys full authority and freedom to visit any part of the state”.

“The use of the word ‘review’ by the Leader of the Opposition is an attempt to mislead the people. He is either ignorant of the law or attempting to overawe by threatening to besiege Raj Bhavan or block the roads leading to the Raj Bhavan,” it said.

The statement said Purohit, during the times of his initial district visits, was engaged in trying to inform the Leader of the Opposition and other members of the opposing parties about the legal position by inviting them to Raj Bhavan.

“Sufficient time was given for understanding the law so as to change course and abide by it.”

As the Head of the Executive, the Governor enjoys unhindered freedom to meet and interact with officials of the state who are members of the executive wing, according to the governor house statement.

“The Governor has to be familiar with the features, characteristics and the problems faced by people in various districts to take right decisions at critical times and also to send meaningful reports monthly to the Indian President.”

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