RAC survey,New Headlights ‘Blinding Drivers’

RAC says new headlights 'blinding drivers'

Drivers are being temporarily blinded by modern vehicle headlights, according to an RAC survey.

Two-thirds of drivers say they are “regularly dazzled” by oncoming headlights even though they are dipped, the survey of 2,061 motorists suggests.

One in 10 of those drivers said that it was five to 10 seconds before their eyesight then adjusted and they could see clearly again.

The RAC said advances in headlight technology were causing the problem.

About 15% of those drivers polled said they had nearly suffered a collision as a result of being dazzled by other drivers using full-beam headlights.

‘Unwanted risk’

RAC road safety spokesman Pete Williams said: “The intensity and brightness of some new car headlights is clearly causing difficulty for other road users.

“Headlight technology has advanced considerably in recent years, but while that may be better for the drivers of those particular vehicles, it is presenting an unwanted, new road safety risk for anyone driving towards them or even trying to pull out at a junction.”

All cars sold for road use in the UK have to be fitted with headlamps that conform to standards set by the EU in line with the UN’s World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations.

A UN working party is currently looking at the issue of headlight glare with its next meeting due to be held at the end of next month.

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