Rahul Gandhi defends his remarks that caused uproar, said this on controversy

Defending his barb on the Prime Minister Modi and Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi stood by his controversial remarks.

It need be recalled that only earlier this week, he targeted Defence Minister and Prime Miister Narendra Modi on the Rafale deal.

But Rahul Gandhi now said that he would have made similar comments had a man been there in place of Ms Sitharaman.

Addressing a press conference in Dubai, Rahul Gandhi maintained his stand that PM Modi should have defended himself in parliament on the deal to purchase 36 Rafale jets from France.

Gandhi also refused to be drawn into allegations of sexism against him.

“Do not impose your sexism on me. I am very clear that the prime minister should have delivered that defence but he did not have the guts,” he added.

A huge row broke out after after Rahul Gandhi, at a rally in Rajasthan on Wednesday, mocked PM Modi for not defending the Rafale deal in

“The watchman with a 56-inch chest ran away and told a woman, (Nirmala) Sitharamanji, defend me. I won’t be able to defend myself, defend me. For two and a half hours, the woman could not defend him. I had asked a straight question – answer yes or no – but she couldn’t answer,” Mr Gandhi had said at the rally.

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