Rahul Gandhi may change his twitter Id for better

With 3.78 million followers as compared to Narendra Modi’s 35.5 million, Rahul Gandhi still has a long way to go on Twitter, but his latest tweets have made him a favourite on this social media platform.

In the last tweet on Tuesday, the Congress scion hit out at Amit Shah and his son Jay Shah, calling the latter “Shah-Zada” and asking “Why this Kolaveri Da”, in an apparent reference to the ongoing controversy involving Jay Shah and his business. Earlier, it were the BJP leaders who would call Rahul a “shehzaada”, in reference to his political lineage.

Ahead of PM Modi’s Gandhinagar visit on October 16, the Congress leader earned many a fan with his sharp remark of “A weather forecast: Brace for a downpour of ‘jumlas’ ahead of the elections”.

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