Rahul Gandhi Tweeted a Poem on Rafale Deal, Read On

Rahul Gandhi has tweeted a poem to take a swipe at BJP-led government at the Centre over the Rafale deal.

Rahul Gandhi has tweeted a poem to take a swipe at BJP-led government at the Centre over the Rafale deal. Rahul has also attached the link to article published which says that a Defence Ministry official had raised questions about the deal in 2015.

The government-to-government deal for 36 Rafale fighter jets was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to Paris in April 2015.

Rahul’s poem is full of metaphors and he has used expressions like “Thugon ke Sardar” (Chief of thugs) and “Pittuon ko mili shabashi” (Yes-men get praise) without clearly saying whom exactly is he pinning blame at.

What Rahul is trying say is that there is a nexus between PM Modi and Anil Ambani because of which the HAL was kept out of the deal.

Congress has been relentless in its attack after former France president Francois Hollande claimed that the India Government wanted Anil Ambani-led company to be Dassault’s (Rafale Jet’s manufacturer) offset partner.

Rahul Has been asking why government owned HAL was sidelined.

The poem also, in a veiled manner, says that the ruling government prefers rich industrialists which is evident in the line “Sethon ne udti chidiya faansi” (The rich trapped the flying bird). The flying bird refers to the Ragfale jet.

The last lines of the poem says that sensation over the Rafale matter has spread across the country and urges people to stop “Company of looters”.

This the poem that Rahul tweeted:

Modi-Ambani ka dekho khel (See what Modi and Ambani are doing)

HAL se cheen liya Rafale (Rafale has been snatched away from HAL)

Dhannasethon ki kaisi bhakti (The devotion of the rich industrialists)

Ghata diya sena ki shakti (Has weakened the armed forces)

Jis officer ne chori se roka (The officer who tried to stop theft)

Thagon ke sardar ne usko thoka (Was shunned by the chief of thugs)

Pitthuon ko mili shabashi (Yes-men get the praise)

Sethon ne udti chidiya faansi (The rich trapped a flying bird)

Jan-Jan mein faili sansani (The sensation is spreading)

Milkar rokenge looteron ki company (Lets join hands to stop company of looters)

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