Rahul Gandhi’s rally okayed in Mandsaur; but with conditions

rally has been scheduled for June 6.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s rally has finally been approved by the district administration but on certain clearly spelt out conditions.

As per the order, Congress leaders would have to comply with set of 19 conditions to be able to hold the rally.

The rally has been scheduled for June 6.

It need be mentioned that Congress is eyeing the Mandsaur rally as the launchpad for the Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election campaign.

This is also a place where as many as five farmers had lost their lives in police firing during protests last year.

The permission for the public event at a local college ground in Piplyamandi was specifically granted by the Sub-Divisional Magistrate of Malhargarh (Mandsaur).

Among the demands includes that Congress would not fulfill for holding the rally.

It is also been asked that no one at the rally should use words that might hurt religious sentiments.

In case any of the conditions is violated, the permission for the rally will be revoked, the SDM said in the letter.

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