Central govt. at war with 1.3 billion people of India

Rahul prepared to be the next PM, if allies accept him

New Delhi.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi launched a scathing attack on the government today, accusing it of imposing a “single, suffocating ideology on 1.3 billion people”.

Speaking at the 16th Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, Gandhi said, “Reimagining India for the BJP, RSS is to shut the imaginations of Indians.”

The theme of the summit is ‘Reimagining The Future’.

“The government has gone to war with the people,” Gandhi told a gathering of business leaders, diplomats, political leaders and commentators at the summit.

Underlining the difference between the Congress and the BJP, he said “India is a partnership between all its peoples” and the Congress “didn’t believe in binaries”.

Gandhi is spearheading the opposition campaign against Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Centre ahead of key state elections and Lok Sabha elections next year.

The effort, right from his criticism of PM Narendra Modi’s decision to scrap high-value currency notes to the ruling national coalition dividing people and the more recent barbs on the economy, has been to make an effort to take the sheen off the government.

If he succeeds, will he be the prime minister?

Rahul Gandhi said opposition parties have decided to first defeat the ruling BJP-led coalition and later decide on the prime minister.

But if the allies want him as the prime minister after the election results, Gandhi said he would take the job. “If they want me, sure,” he said.

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