Rahul’s taking over reins of Congress would give fresh hope, says Salman Khurshid

Amidst reports that Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi is set to take over Congress reins and would also contest as Prime Ministerial candidate for party in 2019 national election, Congress and the national polity at large has begun simmering with action once again. Meanwhile one of the party veteran Salman Khurshid asserted that Rahul Gandhi’s ascension as Congress President would give an adrenaline shot to the party, but Mrs Sonia Gandhi would continue to play a major role in Indian politics even after the transition, says party veteran Mr Salman Khurshid. Amid reports that the elevation of the Gandhi scion is round the corner, the former Union Minister said the transition is psychologically important for the party. “It is also in many ways important organisationally because it gives a special….it gives an adrenaline shot to the party, and then every time there is a change of guard, as it were, in any organisation in any country, it brings fresh hope,” he told PTI in an interview. Mr Khurshid said the general feeling in the party is that the transition should happen.

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