Railways earns whopping over Rs 1000 crores from ‘ticketless’; between Apr’17 to Feb ’18

sources assess that an Rs 600 crore extra per year could be raked in

Ticketless travelers have fetched to the Indian Railways big time.

According to the Railway sources, the largest Indian employer has raked in whopping Rs 1,097 crore with the imposition on penalties on such ticketless travelers.

It emerged that the Railways have also come hard on the touts who were involved in black marketing of railway tickets.

The collection of over Rs 1000 crores is for the duration of April 2017 to February 2018.

Railways is also eyeing big revenues from what it terms as flexi fares where in fare is based on demand in premium trains.

Railway sources assess that an Rs 600 crore extra per year could be raked in with this scheme.

Railways , it was told, has carried massive drives to corner the ticketless travelers and this has also been helped by the fact that there are now CCTV cameras also installed in all major railway stations.

According to the report, 3 crore offenders were found travelling without a valid ticket between the period of April 2017 and February 2018.

In so far as geography of where most of the ticketless travelers were apprehended, the Railwy sources claimed that trains and railway stations around Delhi had the highest number of such travelers.

While Rs 150 crore have been collected by Northern Railways from these ticket check drives, the Central Railway of Mumbai earned Rs 143 crore.

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