Raipur : Chief Minister to address meetings at Surajpur and Korba on 20th May

Dr. Raman Singh to dedicate, lay foundation stones for works worth Rs 549 crore

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh to address three public meetings at village Uchhdeeh district Surajpur, development block Katgora and in district headquarter town Korbacon 20th May.

He will dedicate , lay foundation stones and perform ‘Bhoomipujan of 182 developmental works worth Rs 549 crore 97 lakh.

As per scheduled programme, Dr. Raman Singh will address Press Conference at Rajpur district Balrampur at 09: 30 am and will fly-off to village Uchhdih (Development block Premnagar) district Surajpur.

He will address three public meetngs and dedicate several developmental works to the people of the two districts.

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